You can’t stare down always,
a forever for time
to wend its so-called magic–
the construction of the complex
from simple building blocks:
billions of big bangs
a forever; long enough for
quantum intelligence
to seek out every corner of dark space:
no beginning, no end—

long enough for a world
to be awe-inspiring and ever-alive
teeming with best guesses and next steps

(‘In the beginning’ is our way to
curl up next to the
never ending never beginning
‘In the beginning was the word’
approximating the fathomless,
seeking ways to simplify,
mythologize  or factor always,
parse the infinite into manageable epochs,
travel back into it to define or limit it
at a convenient juncture
apply a spiritual calculus
how much god fits under the curve?)

You can’t stare down always
with finite eyes,

our glimpse
through the smallest slice of
a temporal double slit experiment
we call life (even that is limiting)

You can’t stare down the infinite
without an unflinching gaze
to the undiscovered galaxy
a state we fear
as we shiver against the
limits of some day and
the impossibility of always,
where we join the universal state,
scattering stardust bodies

Adrian Hoad-Reddick